The aim of online herbal consultation is:

  • To explore your current health and wellbeing (both physical and mental)
  • To determine a priority of what we should be ‘treating’ at this point of time (acute or chronic)
  • To support you with the help of Chinese herbs
  • To plan your long-term health and wellbeing
  • To provide you with dietary advice traditional to Chinese herbal medicine
  • To answer any questions, you might have about Chinese herbal medicine

As we are exploring your health and current challenges, we will produce a treatment plan that includes any lifestyle and dietary advice and will email that to you after the conclusion of the online session. We will also determine if Chinese herbs are appropriate to be prescribed at this time. Please remember that they are not supplements; they are medicines that aim at treating the entire system rather than a symptom.

A herbal consultation requires information to describe your current health problem. The use of video is used so I can assess your facial complexion and the state of your tongue. Tongue diagnosis is an integral part of Chinese medicine diagnostic methods. In the absence of palpation (abdominal and pulse), we required more signs and symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis according to Chinese medicine principles. For my preparation, you will answer some basic questions. All herbs will be prepared by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) licensed Chinese herbal dispensary called Safflower. Herbs are extra (on top of the consultation costs) and require payment before shipment. All information (treatment plan, additional reading, dietary recommendations) will be sent to you via email.

The price of the initial consultation also includes a short follow up consultation.

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About Brigitte Linder

Swiss-born Brigitte Linder migrated to Australia in 2008 and operates a professional herbal dispensary for practitioners in regional Victoria. Up until 2019, she was also running a successful clinic. At heart, she is a passionate practitioner especially in the area of Chinese herbal medicine. She has completed extended training and advocates Classical herbal medicine. Her business journey in Australia has provided Brigitte with a steep learning curve and she now enjoys the fruits of her labor. Brigitte is a self-confessed advocate for quality, change and progress in the Chinese medicine profession and she enjoys assisting practitioners at all levels find their own rhythm and style so they can run a successful clinic that provides them with a good income, personal satisfaction and joy.

Photo Credit: Susan Carmody