These resources are activities on how to apply the five elements for a thriving clinic as covered in Brigitte's book, Chinese Medicine Business Success.

Element 1 Activities

  • 1

    Foundations - Values Vision and Goals

    These foundational activities are exceptionally important for the bright future of a practitioner. Please make sure you spend ample time and put all your sincerity and heart into them as these activities will assist you greatly in setting the foundations for a solid and sustainable future. You will find mind mapping and rich picture techniques useful to apply here.

Element 2 Activities

  • 2

    Framework - Setting Up Business

    These activities will assist you in working through the complex and diverse content of this Element. Please make sure you spend ample time working through them.

Element 3 Activities

  • 3

    Bridge Building - Collaboration and Marketing

    These important exercises will inspire you to embrace marketing activities and brush up on your communication skills. Set aside ample time to complete these activities.

Element 4 Activities

  • 4

    Systems - Practical Tools and Techniques

    This Element has discussed individual systems and tools that will make life easier for you on a daily basis. The following activities are particularly important to help you be organised and productive at all times. Please take ample time to complete them.

Element 5 Activities

  • 5

    Review - Reflection and Revision

    You have made it to the last Element and the last set of activities. Spend ample time with these questions and revisit them every 12 months.

Photo Credit: Susan Carmody