Group Mentorship Program:

From Zero to 100 in 12 weeks

The aim of this program is:

  • to prepare graduates for clinical practice and running a sustainable business, which creates a disposable income
  • to strengthen and unify the Chinese medicine industry in nourishing a spirit of sharing, connectedness and communication
  • to foster and encourage the individual to develop and apply their authentic style
  • to assist new graduates or established practitioners who are looking for guidance with their individual questions
  • to encourage and inject our industry with new ideas and best practice

A study that surveyed final year Chinese medicine students in Australia about their perception of preparedness for clinical practice concluded that they are somewhat adequately or adequately prepared for various aspects of clinical practice. (Moore et al. 2010). A follow up survey of graduates within 12 months found that there is greater desire for clinical experience, the need for support in establishing and maintaining business and interpersonal skills as well as interest in mentoring (Moore A, O’Brien K, 2012).

From my rapport with Chinese medicine practitioners around the country, I know that a significant number experience a level of isolation, disconnectedness and a lack of community or cohesion. This results in low confidence level, fragmented clinical practice and a high attrition rate.

Participating in this program will help you to generate momentum in getting patients onto your treatment table. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your Chinese medicine practice journey or have been in practice for a few years. It also doesn’t matter if you are a solo practitioner or working in a multi-modality clinic.

What matters is that you are finding yourself a little bit stuck, or have run out of inspiration, struggling to get patients through the door or simply need to reconnect with our outstanding industry.

Your attention will be required over the 12 weeks period. Rome wasn’t built in a day but to use the momentum, we must create a certain urgency. From Zero to 100 in 12 weeks is jam packed and dynamically paced. It’s not just delivering awesome content but also requires your full engagement and interaction.


There are five elements to the program (no surprises there):

  • Element 1: Foundation: Values, Vision & Goals.
  • Element 2: Framework: Setting up business.
  • Element 3: Bridge building: Collaboration & Marketing.
  • Element 4: Systems: Practical tools & techniques.
  • Element 5: Review: Reflection & Revision.

Note: This program is not giving advice in how to prescribe acupuncture or herbs for certain patients. It is aimed at building your confidence, get you organised in your clinic and give you clarity about the way you practice.

The program will be delivered through:

  • three weekly hourly (zoom) sessions to convey the content
  • Monthly webinars to answer any questions you might have
  • unlimited phone & email support
  • Summary workbook with your creation of a detailed (business) plan
  • Personal session with each participant to bring it all together

Qualities that a potential participant displays and embraces:

  • a strong commitment to unify clinical expertise with entrepreneurship
  • an outgoing nature
  • a commitment to put time into developing plans and structures
  • good communication skills
  • a strong desire to succeed

Costs: AU$ 449 (2 x $230 or 4 x $120)


Personal Coaching & Mentoring:

Finding the soft spot

The aim of this program is:

  • Assess your current situation and establish the best possible flow
  • Making sure that your vision is broken down into individual milestones or goals
  • Looking at strategies to improve or expand your current practice & business
  • Building your confidence and providing support
  • Improving your income & profitability of the business

We will focus on the bigger picture of yourself and your business. Any area of need or that you would like to work can or requires specific attention will be prioritised. It doesn’t matter if it’s about finding a better rhythm, inspiration, building up your professional network or getting more patients through the door. We can work on strategies to grow and expand your clinic business. Perhaps you need to boost your mojo or determine an exit strategy. Or you simply would like to know if you are on the right track.

The program will be delivered through:

  • One on one session (online or offline if possible)
  • Unlimited email support
1 x Hour Session
  • One off (per hour)
  • A session to check in, replenish and refocus or to discuss anything that you feel is important.
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8 x 1 Hour Session
  • Package of 8 sessions at one hour each.
  • Eight sessions to check in, replenish, refocus and plan your own individual success. To then solidify the plan & set milestones and goals in order to get you there the quickest possible way.
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About Brigitte Linder

Swiss-born Brigitte Linder migrated to Australia in 2008 and now operates a professional Chinese Medicine practice and herbal dispensary in regional Victoria. Her business journey in Australia has provided Brigitte with a steep learning curve and she now enjoys the fruits of her labor. Brigitte is a self-confessed advocate for quality, change and progress in the Chinese medicine profession and she enjoys assisting practitioners at all levels find their own rhythm and style so they can run a successful clinic that provides them with a good income, personal satisfaction and joy.

Photo Credit: Susan Carmody